Synthetic Biology group is currently looking for a PostDoc for the project in collaboration with Planta to work on glowing plants expressing fungal bioluminescent system. To apply for this position, please send your CV and motivational letter to Ilia Yampolsky

PhD students:

We are constantly looking for talented and highly motivated students and young scientists to join our multidisciplinary group. Our team has four research subgroups that are specialized in Chemistry, Molecular biology, Protein Chemistry and Synthetic Biology. We offer competitive salary, interesting research opportunities and working conditions meeting international standards in the highly motivated and friendly team.

If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to the people below with a copy to Ilia Yampolsky:

To apply for a position in Organic chemistry, please contact Aleksandra Tsarkova and Zinaida Kaskova

To apply for a position in Molecular biology, please contact Nadezhda Markina and Alexei Kotlobay

To apply for a position in Protein chemistry, please contact Alexander Shcheglov and Andrey Gorokhovatsky

To apply for a position in Synthetic Biology, please contact Ilia Yampolsky