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Yuichi Oba (Nagoya University, Japan) and Cassius V. Stevani (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Our collaboration with Prof. Oba and Prof. Stevani is focused on studying luminescence mechanisms of living organisms.

Osamu Shimomura (Woods Hole, USA) and Josef Gitelson (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

In 2011 Osamu Shimomura, Nobel laureate, together with Josef Gitelson won a 3-year “megagrant” from Russian government. The aim of the project is to determine mechanism(s) of fungal bioluminescence. In the framework of this project our group is involved in isolation of luminescent compounds from several luminescent fungi and performs total synthesis of alleged fungal luciferin precursor panal described by Shimomura.

Kyril Solntsev (Georgia, USA)

Our collaboration with Dr. Solntsev is focused on understanding basic mechanisms of photochemical and physico-chemical behavior of chromophores of fluorescent proteins and their synthetic analogs. This, by-turn, gives rise to design and synthesis of novel fluorescent dyes with unusual properties.

Michael Guetschow, Maxim Frizler (Bonn, Germany)

Together with the group of Prof. Guetschow we develop novel fluorescently labeled inhibitors of medicinally significant proteinases, such as cathepsins.

Nikolai Bovin (Moscow, Russia)

Together with Prof. Bovin’s lab we develop novel fluorescent dyes for labeling glycolipids and membranes.

Alexander Gabibov, Anna Bacheva (Moscow, Russia)

In the framework of the project aimed at studying functioning of proteasome our group performs synthesis of specific proteasome and immunoproteasome inhibitors. 

Alexey Terskikh (La Jolla, USA), Roman Efremov (Moscow, Russia)

A multidisciplinary collaboration between cell biology (A. Terskikh), molecular biology (K. Lukyanov), computational chemistry (R. Efremov) and organic synthesis groups is aimed at developing novel fluorogenic sensors for medicinally important target proteins.

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